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An affirmation is a word or words that will bolster your confidence, solidify your resolve and encourage you to take the next step no matter how daunting. something to keep you moving forward.

Here’s a perfect example: once our 7 year old neighbor was dropped off by the school bus and no one was home to meet him. He came to our door and we could hear him repeating to himself “Be brave, just be brave” until he knocked on our door to ask for help. Now I’m fairly certain no one coached him to do that, he just knew that he needed support and to get that he needed to overcome his shyness. Giving himself a dose of a confidence-boosting affirmation was just the ticket. He was only out there a few moments before he knocked.

Affirmations are a way to use our conscious mind to alter the deep-seated beliefs and behaviors. This can be a part of your daily self-care and a gentle way to show yourself love. The ones that work the best are those that target the real issue that is slowing you down. I believe it is more effective to focus on just a few (one to three max). It is critical to choose affirmations that are stated in the present and in the positive voice i.e. “I am fearless.”

Do something with me, try these phrases on for size by saying them out loud: I am enough; I am strong; I am worthy; I am accomplished; I am beautiful; I am lovable; I am powerful; I trust my instincts; I embrace change; I welcome challenges; I am capable; I love myself; I am successful. The one or ones that are the most difficult for you to say with truth and conviction may be where you want to begin your daily affirmation ritual.  

Say it out loud at least a few times per day. Affirmations aren’t going to change how you feel immediately but rather over time- you say it and think it with your conscious mind until your subconscious aligns. Soon you begin making decisions and taking actions as if it were true until your words, actions and feelings about that affirmation all line up!