Kristi Johnston

Kristi Johnston, Artworks

I have enjoyed creating art for as long as I can remember. My family was very artsy-craftsy and there was always some project going on at the dining room table- as a matter of fact more art than eating happened there! Although I took art classes in high school, I decided to become a Physical Therapy Assistant to combine my love of science and my desire to help people. I never lost my passion for learning new things in art and in 1986 I took my first watercolor class. It was love at first brush-stroke and that has been my medium of choice ever since.

In 1996 I began teaching  adult watercolor of egret and tropicsart classes after several people told me they would like to learn from me. I soon added children’s art classes in response to similar requests. I love sharing my joy of both learning and art with all ages! I continue to teach private and group art classes, teach stage craft at Mansfield High School and as well as see clients for Physical Therapy and Reiki.  Creating art on commission and as the spirit moves brings me much joy! See my art here. 

Looking back I believe I have always been an empath and a healer. I have used those gifts in all of my work, but it wasn’t until I became a Reiki Master Teacher that the intensity of those abilities really ramped up and took more of a front seat in my life. I was prompted to create a set of Intuitive Energy Cards Intuitive Energy Cards imageto support your self-awareness and connection to the Divine.  I began to sense the emotions of people around me instead of just those of my closest family and friends. In addition, I could now receive information from people’s loved one’s who were in spirit and was able to draw their faces- upside down! I am still learning about these new healing tools I have been given and greatly enjoy sharing them!

I’m glad to have you on this journey! -Kristi