Kristi Johnston

Kristi has two great passions, art and supporting women on their journey to tap into their own Divine wisdom. Her ability to feel into other people’s emotions allows her to connect on a deep, soul level where she can meet you where you are and help you identify what is working in your life and what you can shift to live into your greatest potential.

Kristi understands that knowing and doing are two separate things, and often the biggest indicator of success is what kind of support you have. She is an expert at taking the Law Of Attraction principles, self-awareness, and gratitude and breaking them down into manageable, applicable steps so that you can see exactly what to do next to get where you want to go.

As an Akashic Records reader, Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, medium, and intuitive, Kristi has a wide range of tools to support you in your quest to live life with the deepest peace and the greatest joy. She offers Divine Feminine Empowerment, and Emotional Integration Programs as well as Reiki classes for children age 9 and up with her own Reiki for Children Workbook.

If you are searching for a guide on your journey of personal expansion, Kristi will offer joyful support.