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We help women entrepreneurs to clear the emotional clutter, shatter limiting beliefs, and connect more deeply to spirit to magnify their personal and professional lives.


Divine Diva Mini Experience

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In each of these fabulous online workshops, you’ll indulge in a unique and empowering journey to unleash your inner goddess.

You’ll experience what it’s like to use channeled art to access your deepest knowing and discover what old stories are running in the background, driving your life. This is a sneak peek into the process of the incredible, intensive weekend of the Divine Diva Empowerment Workshop listed below!! Read More about this Free Zoom Workshop

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**Registration for this event is now closed**April 19-21, 2024 Weekend Intensive

Divine Diva Empowerment Workshop for Transformation

In this weekend you will shatter limiting paradigms that keep you stuck so you can magnify your innate wisdom and connection to Source Energy for infinite transformation. This is spiritual self-discovery on the quantum level with an astronomic impact on every area of your life! Read More


“This Divine Diva program was amazing!!!! It truly blew my mind. The messages channeled through were exactly what I needed at the moment and I also really enjoyed the art involved. Truly beautiful. Such a unique way of connecting with my inner child, body, and higher self. I also found when others were sharing— something from each person resonated with me as well. It felt very divine that we were all put together to have this experience!  The rest of the day was filled with ah ha moments and peace and calm ❤️” ~Caitlyn Nick

“The Divine Diva Program was like taking a step back from my life and looking at it from the big picture. It was great to pinpoint what some of the missing pieces were and what I might fill them with. Learning what little things I could incorporate into my day to life to really round out my experience was very helpful. I imagine what everyone gets may be different, but it is definitely worth it to press pause, take a step back, and look at what you’ve got going on. Highly recommend!” ~Melynda Gates, Captain & Owner of Anchor Barre Fitness & Wellness, LLC

“The Divine Diva Program is an engaging, interactive, and powerful healing modality. With the Light Language coded images Kristi channeled and her intuitive guidance during the process, I experienced a knowingness in my heart and sacral chakra/womb space that there was some unfinished business from another life lingering. It was all about forgiveness and much to my surprise it was between Mama Gaia and myself. Now I feel a completeness and a sense of peace with my connection to Mother Earth.” ~Joyfully Yours, Phyllis Simonetta,

Get ready to transform your entire life!

In light and love,

Amy Antonellis and Kristi Johnston

The Divine Energy Collaborative, LLC

photo of Transformational Mystic Amy Antonellis
Amy Antonellis
Photo of Transformational Mystic Kristi Johnston
Kristi Johnston