Flame of Light Connection from Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA

Light Connection

Light Connection

Light of the Divine with the Grace of Love

Imagine your life, MAGNIFIED!

What would your life look like if you had nothing holding you back? How would you walk through your day differently if everything you wished for was unfolding before your eyes?  This can be true if you are willing to release whatever no longer serves you and let Light Connection™ do the rest.

This new form of  healing works to clear, balance and align your energy body with your physical body. It delivers precisely what you need so you may achieve accelerated success in any area of your life that you desire.

Light Connection™ is a healing modality transmitted directly to Amy Antonellis, and Kristi Johnston on March 2, 2015 from a collective of Light Beings known to them as Great Spirit.  It is offered not through the practitioners, but into the space they create and maintain for pure Light Energy to enter and produce change within the soul of the receiver.

Clients have described feeling light, calm, clear, focused, and ready for what lies ahead. The energy is specific to this moment in your life, so as your life changes, so will future experiences with Light Connection™ . This is the kind of self-care and emotional healing that makes a lasting difference.

It’s time to heal yourself at the soul level!

Available in two forms: Light Connection Immersion and Light Connection Healing.

Light Connection Immersion pulls in life-changing energy so big, it takes 2 practitioners to sustain the vortex for a single individual’s treatment. You will experience the benefits of expanded growth from this session for a minimum of 3 months! Make plans before your appointment for your life to move at an accelerated pace towards your intended goal.

How to prepare for your Light Connection Immersion

Please note!! Light Connection™ will magnify whatever energy you have been emitting and continue to emit. Be mindful of where you focus your attention!  

Light Connection Immersion, 2 pracitioners: *$220 
*Approximately 45-55 min.

Light Connection Healing

This supercharged healing is performed with one practitioner and their energy partner in spirit to create and maintain the vortex of Source energy.

This will essentially burn away your subconscious resistance to change. The focus with Light Connection Healing is in replacing fear with empowerment and allowing you to clearly see your path forward.

If you’re not quite ready for the magnitude of changes that Light Connection Immersion will bring, but you’d still like to accelerate your growth and level up your life, then Light Connection Healing is for you.

Light Connection Healing: One practitioner $150, Approximately 45 minutes.

How to prepare for your Light Connection Healing

Amy and Kristi from Divine Energy Collaborative

Kristi : 508.208.5419

Amy : 781.801.3312

Kristi Johnston

Kristi Johnston

Kristi Johnston, Artworks

I have enjoyed creating art for as long as I can remember. My family was very artsy-craftsy and there was always some project going on at the dining room table- as a matter of fact more art than eating happened there! Although I took art classes in high school, I decided to become a Physical Therapy Assistant to combine my love of science and my desire to help people. I never lost my passion for learning new things in art and in 1986 I took my first watercolor class. It was love at first brush-stroke and that has been my medium of choice ever since.

In 1996 I began teaching  adult watercolor of egret and tropicsart classes after several people told me they would like to learn from me. I soon added children’s art classes in response to similar requests. I love sharing my joy of both learning and art with all ages! I continue to teach private and group art classes, teach stage craft at Mansfield High School and as well as see clients for Physical Therapy and Reiki.  Creating art on commission and as the spirit moves brings me much joy! See my art here. 

Looking back I believe I have always been an empath and a healer. I have used those gifts in all of my work, but it wasn’t until I became a Reiki Master Teacher that the intensity of those abilities really ramped up and took more of a front seat in my life. I was prompted to create a set of Intuitive Energy Cards Intuitive Energy Cards imageto support your self-awareness and connection to the Divine.  I began to sense the emotions of people around me instead of just those of my closest family and friends. In addition, I could now receive information from people’s loved one’s who were in spirit and was able to draw their faces- upside down! I am still learning about these new healing tools I have been given and greatly enjoy sharing them!

I’m glad to have you on this journey! -Kristi

completed vision board

Vision Board


Do you have an idea about the direction you would like your life to take but don’t know how to find that path? Do you dream about things you want to do in the future but you can’t imagine how they will come about? This class is for you! It’s not about figuring out HOW to make things happen, (Spirit will take care of that) it’s about putting those vague ideas or dreams all together in one place with pictures and words so you can SEE these things happening and think about them daily. It is turning your ideas, hopes and dreams into something concrete and tangible, and in doing so bringing them closer to reality!

photos @ center 6


To prepare for this workshop, collect photos from the internet, magazines or your own files that relate to what you would like to have happen in your life. They can be literal or figurative references of your top 3  dreams and goals. Make a list of words/phrases that best describe the top 3 most important things you wish to see in your future. Plan to bring these to the class.

We will have additional resources for you to put together your board including the board itself. Coming with at least some images and your list will help best use the class time for you to actually create your board!

  • Saturday February 27th at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, 263 N. Main St., Mansfield MA

  • 1pm – 3 pm

  • $25 includes all supplies

  • RSVP by paying in advance HERE

Flame of Light Connection from Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA

Rays of Light Connection

Rays of Light Connection™  

Rays of Light Connection is an introductory experience to a new healing modality known as Light Connection. It is offered to groups of 4-40 people at a time. Amy Antonellis and Kristi Johnston raise the vibration and create a vortex of positive energy to open and balance everyone’s heart chakras.

Light Connection™ is a modality transmitted directly to Amy Antonellis and Kristi Johnston on March 2, 2015 from a collective of Light Beings known to them as Great Spirit. It is offered not through the practitioners, but into the space they create and hold open for pure Light Energy to enter and produce change within the soul of the receiver. This life-changing energy is so big, it takes 2 practitioners to sustain the vortex that invites it in for a single individual’s benefit.

How Will I Benefit From a Rays of Light Connection?

It  is designed to open up and balance your heart chakra which offers the following benefits:

-Clear out old beliefs and emotional pain.

-Aid in your release of feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

-Allow you to freely receive abundance, success, and joy.

-Accelerate your ability to manifest your intentions.

What Can I Expect During a Rays of Light Connection?

This healing modality is conveyed by Amy and Kristi and will begin with a brief meditation and intention setting to raise your energetic vibration while you focus on the positive things you would like to see manifest in your life. Together they will create the vortex that pulls in this amazing pure energy of Love and open up each person’s heart. They will move the energy around the room as they hold space for each individual present to receive exactly what they need. They will close with a brief grounding meditation and positive intentions to help you continue to magnify your goals.

Prepare yourself for accelerated healing and growth. Join Kristi and Amy as they fill the room- and your heart, with the magnified energy of Light Connection™.

Are you ready to take the next step in your own expression of Love?

Investment: $45/person

Please note!! Rays of Light Connection™ will magnify whatever energy you have been emitting and continue to emit. Be mindful of  where you focus your attention!  

*Rays of Light Connection can be done for a group as small as 4 or 5, or as large as 40.  If you have a large group and would like us to do it in your business, please reach out to us and we will gladly make plans to bring this amazing Heart Opening event to your community too.

Watch a 2 minute video about Rays of Light Connection

Coaching & Empath Support

Vision Coaching, Spiritual Expansion & Intuitive Wealth Mindset Coaching

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you’ve figured out that navigating unfamiliar territory is easier with a guide.

That’s what we’re here for!

Our mission is to ignite the Divine within you so that you may thrive physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

In individual or small group coaching we offer:

  • Safe space for you to share your challenges.
  • Spirit-guided feedback to provide clarity and a path forward.
  • Support in goal-setting, charting your path, and course correction.
  • Breakdown of your goals into achievable components.
  • Accountability for action items.
  • Ways to turn your empathic abilities into your super power.
  • Tools to manifest abundance in your life.

Understanding the gap between where you are in your journey and where you would like to be is a key to our coaching discussions. Our focus is on incorporating your mind, body, and spirit to assist you in moving with confidence to close that gap.

Amy and Kristi from Divine Energy Collaborative

Focused on your personal finances and business growth? Amy Antonellis is an extraordinary Intuitive Wealth and Mindset Coach! Book a Discovery Call

Looking for guidance on your spiritual expansion, setting and attaining goals, and empath support? Kristi Johnston is here for that! Book a Discovery Call.

image of sunrise

Too Late to go Back To Sleep

“Too late to go back to sleep…”


I love theater and this is a quote from “Defying Gravity”, a song from the musical Wicked. I admit, somewhat sheepishly, that until now I didn’t really know what it meant in the context of the song. Recently the full intent of it hit me like a ton of brick. I had just received a message from spirit that basically pushed me out of the proverbial (cozy and warm) nest and the realization that once awakened to the full enormity of All that is, it is impossible “to go back to sleep”. How I processed that went something like : “wow, that was a lot of intense information, all I really want to do is crawl in a corner and forget about it for a while, maybe it won’t seem so challenging after a bit of time away from it.” Pause for thinking and a little hyperventilating, then “oh, that was the message. There is no more time, the time is now and I have to act. Shoot! Can’t I just have a little more time pretending I don’t know it? No? Oh blast.” Then the song came into my head and a light bulb went on.  That’s what the song meant! Once youknow, you can’t pretend that you don’t know. You can’t “go back to sleep.” You have to move forward and put fear, doubt and second-guessing aside.


Are you in that place where youknow but you are still letting apprehension or self-doubt prevent you from taking the next step? Are you pretending that you don’t know and staying in your cozy corner? We understand! That’s what we are here for at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, to support you in that scary unknown where you step out of your comfort zone and into the Light of endless possibility!! We have many opportunities for you to explore the amazing world beyond our 5 senses. If you need information on something we’re not offering- let us know right here on the blog. We love input!

Feeling like you might be ready to immerse yourself in this kind of learning? We have a week-long retreat in paradise March of 2016 to do just that. There is still time to register and get a $100 discount here:   Find out more info here.

Wishing you Love and Light,

Art Classes

Art Classes with Kristi Johnston

watercolor of jungle pathKristi has been working predominately in watercolor since 1985. She has been teaching since 1996 both privately and in groups large and small. She enjoys sharing her love of art!

Kristi Johnston teaches student-driven art classes for adults currently online via zoom meeting.

Adult Art Classes:

Basic experience required. Fun and relaxed atmosphere online to pursue your own subjects, learn new watercolor painting techniques and turn them into finished art you enjoyed creating! Come for one class or join us every week. Classes meet Wednesdays 7-9 pm online via zoom.

Click here for more information. Click here to register. $20/class. Discounts available for multi-class package.

Private Classes: $65/hour for private  

 Contact me here to inquire.

Paint Nights unavailable during Covid-19Paint night photo

Kristi is an expert at teaching even the artistically undiscovered the techniques they need to create a lovely painting in watercolor! Gather your friends and book an evening out for creativity, laughs and whatever food and beverages you care to bring! Contact Kristi here to schedule your night out! $50 per person.

Adult class information       

Private classes available as my schedule allows.

“I believe that art should be fun and a relaxing, creative outlet. I teach with non-staining watercolors that are easy to “erase” with water, so it takes the fear out of painting!   I also teach acrylics, pen and ink, chalk pastel, oil pastel and drawing. Come do something for yourself and try your hand at art. Even if you “can’t draw a straight line”, you can paint. Let me show you how!” -Kristi Johnston

Psychic Circle

All Levels Welcome

This workshop is to allow you to expand your inner intuition in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Each session will begin with a group meditation to focus and join all of our energies with those of our guides and non-physical support. This will create a safe space in which to explore our abilities beyond the 5 senses.
Each gathering will have a different emphasis and will include work in pairs, solo or in groups.
The focus is on practice and experimentation while we push through our comfort zones into the next level of our personal connection with Spirit. 

*Saturday July 23rd
*7 – 9 pm*
*$25 donation will be accepted at the door*
*RSVP to Kristi at*

Closet Art Sale

Closet Art Sale! Original Art by Kristi Johnston

Center for Holistic Healing and Art at 263 N. Main St., Mansfield MA

All paintings shown are available for 30% off listed/stated price on a first come, first-serve basis. Framed paintings are only sold with frames, no frames are provided for unframed pieces.

50% of all profits will be donated to Kim Hollister’s Masterful Living Tuition.

All paintings are originals except for one lithograph print which is clearly described as a print.

If you wish to purchase a painting please contact me by phone: 508-208-5419 or email: ASAP with the title and which group of paintings you saw it in. Paintings may be shipped (shipping charges will apply).

(we know you will forgive the amateur videography- we were aiming for getting it to you quickly!)