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Vision Board


Do you have an idea about the direction you would like your life to take but don’t know how to find that path? Do you dream about things you want to do in the future but you can’t imagine how they will come about? This class is for you! It’s not about figuring out HOW to make things happen, (Spirit will take care of that) it’s about putting those vague ideas or dreams all together in one place with pictures and words so you can SEE these things happening and think about them daily. It is turning your ideas, hopes and dreams into something concrete and tangible, and in doing so bringing them closer to reality!

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To prepare for this workshop, collect photos from the internet, magazines or your own files that relate to what you would like to have happen in your life. They can be literal or figurative references of your top 3  dreams and goals. Make a list of words/phrases that best describe the top 3 most important things you wish to see in your future. Plan to bring these to the class.

We will have additional resources for you to put together your board including the board itself. Coming with at least some images and your list will help best use the class time for you to actually create your board!

  • Saturday February 27th at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, 263 N. Main St., Mansfield MA

  • 1pm – 3 pm

  • $25 includes all supplies

  • RSVP by paying in advance HERE

Om Meditation

Channeled Meditation with the Ascended Masters

Weekly Channeled Information from the
Ascended Masters through Meditation

Melanie Sprague  takes you on a comfortable, guided, channeled meditation. She becomes a conduit and allows the information directly from Spirit to flow through her so Spirit may speak with you with her voice.  

Each meditation comes with lessons from Spirit tailored specifically for the group in the room. Melanie also shares with you what Spirit has taught her over her many years of practice.

This group will meet each Tuesday night at 7 pm. Come prepared to expand your energy and raise your vibration. ~ ommm

**$15 investment  
**Buy a package of 6 classes for $75**
*263 Mansfield MA
to Melanie at

Psychic Circle

All Levels Welcome

This workshop is to allow you to expand your inner intuition in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Each session will begin with a group meditation to focus and join all of our energies with those of our guides and non-physical support. This will create a safe space in which to explore our abilities beyond the 5 senses.
Each gathering will have a different emphasis and will include work in pairs, solo or in groups.
The focus is on practice and experimentation while we push through our comfort zones into the next level of our personal connection with Spirit. 

*Saturday July 23rd
*7 – 9 pm*
*$25 donation will be accepted at the door*
*RSVP to Kristi at*

Closet Art Sale

Closet Art Sale! Original Art by Kristi Johnston

Center for Holistic Healing and Art at 263 N. Main St., Mansfield MA

All paintings shown are available for 30% off listed/stated price on a first come, first-serve basis. Framed paintings are only sold with frames, no frames are provided for unframed pieces.

50% of all profits will be donated to Kim Hollister’s Masterful Living Tuition.

All paintings are originals except for one lithograph print which is clearly described as a print.

If you wish to purchase a painting please contact me by phone: 508-208-5419 or email: ASAP with the title and which group of paintings you saw it in. Paintings may be shipped (shipping charges will apply).

(we know you will forgive the amateur videography- we were aiming for getting it to you quickly!)