Prenatal and Post-partum Emotional Support

The Divine Feminine Empowerment Program will support you during some of the most two intense and important phases of your life: prenatal and post-partum. Get emotionally prepared to meet the beautiful challenge of welcoming new life into your world. Expanding your family involves many unknowns and that can create stress and anxiety. This program helps you navigate all of the complex emotions that you are likely feeling.

Similar to the Emotional Integration System, this program utilizes channeled imagery to open a connection between your conscious and subconscious mind. As a result, this access will allow you to discover old, emotionally-driven stories that may be creating stress, anxiety, or conflict in the present. Once these old stories are uncovered, you have the power to re-write them to recapture your power and move into the next season of your life with grace and confidence- despite the unknown nature of it! In other words, put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your emotions especially during this highly charged season of your life!

This program is perfectly suited to the unique challenges of:

  • Getting ready to be ready: pre-conception
  • Emotionally and mentally preparing to give birth,
  • Integrating the emotions of giving birth, and
  • Adapting to the new family dynamic that comes with adding a new baby.

Whether it’s your first or your fifth, there are emotions stored in your body that deserve to be unburied and embraced so you may meet these challenges in the most powerful way possible.

You have within you the ability to meet all of these changes with grace, strength, and even peace, and this program will support you as you embrace these qualities. Your strong, wonderful, and incredible body can create an entire human! That is something to celebrate and acknowledge at all stages of the journey!!

You deserve to be supported in embracing all that birthing means to you, and this is the place to do that. In this program you will find support while you discover the depths of your own strength, knowledge, and capacity for grace.

Creating an entire new being comes from the joining of two very different things. Similarly, this program combines and synthesizes two very different creative expressions- charcoal line drawing and watercolor painting. This combination of artistic expression speaks directly to that divine mother energy inside you, and as a result you will be able to tap into your innate wisdom with ease. I will provide you with guidance for integration and interpretation during the entire process so that you will experience the most powerful results.

Pre-Conception Benefits

  • Uncover and release any old beliefs or stories that might be in the way of conceiving
  • Connect with your Divine Feminine Energy
  • Lean into the power of Gaia (mother earth) energy
  • Align with the knowledge and power from your maternal ancestral line
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of yourself

Prenatal Benefits:

  • Increase trust that your connection with your body won’t fail you
  • Develop confidence in your ability to ask for what you need
  • Find empowerment in knowing that your body is capable of handling the birth, no matter what it looks like
  • Experience decreased anxiety regarding the unknown
  • Find more self-love and acceptance

Post-partum Benefits:

  • Increase your connection with your body and its new needs
  • Develop more compassion and understanding for your body as a powerful creator of life
  • Find space to fully and safely experience all the emotions surrounding the birth
  • Achieve integration and acceptance of emotions you previously ignored
  • Experience increased love and grace for your body

Are you ready to Dive in to your Divine Feminine?

If you are interested in exploring this with me, you can connect via text: (508)-208-5419, email Or click the button below to schedule a free call to discuss where you are in your journey and what would best suit your needs.