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Peace Journal– an energetic Visual Meditation with Journal Prompts plus special bonus! $4.95

The following Guided Visual Meditations are listed in the order that they appear in the Free Guided Visual Meditation, where each image is present for a short period of time. These individual meditations give you a chance to fully experience the energy of each image and receive a deeper alignment to each one.

Most of them may be used anytime you would like to focus on that particular experience. The exceptions to that are the chakra clearing and balancing meditations which should be done in that order.

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1. Guided Visual Meditation for Reconnection to self and Source. Approx. 10 minutes long. $4.95

2. Guided Visual Meditation for Grounding to bring you back to your body and renew your connection to earth. Approx. 10 min. $4.95

3. Guided Visual Meditation for Heart Opening to allow you to more fully give and receive love. Approx 10 min. $4.95

4. Guided Visual Meditation for Crown Opening to allow you to receive messaging and love from Source and clear your connection. Approx. 10 min. $4.95

5.Guided Visual Meditation for Surrender and Release to let go of all that doesn’t serve you and is keeping you stuck. Approx. 10 min. $4.95

6. Guided Visual Meditation for Chakra Clearing after you have released in the previous meditation, this one clears anything left over. Approx. 10 min. $4.95

7. Guided Visual Meditation for Chakra Balancing ensures all of your chakras are equally open and balanced. Best done after a chakra clearing. Approx. 10 min. $4.95

8. Guided Visual Meditation for Love. This meditation will fill you with unconditional, Divine love and light. Approx. 10 min. $4.95

9. Guided Visual Meditation for Clarity. This meditation will create space for you to receive clarity amidst confusion. Approx. 10 min. $4.95

10. Guided Visual Meditation for Peace and Tranquility . This meditation will bring you to a place of complete calm and relaxation. Approx. 10 min. $4.95