“This is the place to be if you walk a spiritual path. If you want to grow and learn beyond your wildest dreams, you need to be here!”

Jamie Breden

Reiki with Kristi is a full-body healing release. She knows intuitively where to focus and brings great relief and healing with her touch. ”

Keli Trejo

Feeling connected more to my inner self. Strength, power, and wisdom! Feeling truly thankful and blessed.”

Becky Kennedy

“This is such a wonderful community! Healing, art and metaphysical awesomeness!”

Melanie Sprague

” I felt a true connection to spirit last night and Amy was a very important part of that. I am very blessed to have these ladies in my life; they help me to connect and learn.”

Wendy Juergens

“Kristi’s guidance has greatly increased my confidence to paint with watercolors. Her approach to teaching is fun, relaxing, and inspiring.”

Sara Chaloux