Emotional Healing

Divine Feminine Empowerment Program:

This unique program is specifically designed for women looking to connect more deeply to Gaia, the Divine Feminine Energy, and their true purpose. It is also perfectly aligned with those in the pre-natal and post-partum phases of their lives to increase body connection, self-love, empowerment, release of fear and anxiety, and integrating emotions surrounding birth.

There are 3 ways to experience this Divine Feminine Empowerment: Divine Feminine Empowerment Group Journey, 1:1 coaching with Divine Feminine Empowerment One-to-One Guided Journey, or book individual sessions. Read More. Book Discovery Call Now.

Emotional Integration System:

This unique system of energetically charged images allows you to identify the root of your emotional issues and assist you to shift the energy so that you may move into deeper emotional wellness. Stress, anxiety, fear, and self-doubt are just some of the issues this system addresses. Read More. Book Discovery Call Now.

We are original receivers of Light Connection, a unique energy treatment that magnifies the focus of your energy to accelerate its manifestation in your life. This signature treatment is offered in two levels: Light Connection Healing and Light Connection Immersion. Read more here.

Light Connection Immersion

Light Connection Immersion is a transformational modality. It is delivered by two practitioners to eliminate all limits to expansion and personal evolution.$280 . Read more Book Now.

Light Connection Healing

This form of Light Connection is performed with one practitioner. With this session fear, anxiousness, and indecision are replaced with empowerment, peace and clarity regarding your path forward. $150 Read more.Book Now.


Holy Fire III works so well remotely that only 30 minutes is required. Emerge feeling refreshed, grounded, energized, and ready to face life with confidence and grace. Channeled messaging and guidance are a common component of this treatment. $65, remote. Read more. Book Now.

IN-PERSON Reiki Plus for 30 min. (book here) and 60 min. (book here).

Akashic Record Reading

Take an interactive trip into your own past lives to discover and resolve patterns of behavior, interpersonal conflicts, fears and phobias. Kristi channels the Lords of the Akashic Records to answer your questions. $120, remote. Read more. Book Now.

Mini Akashic Record Reading– 1 question only. $65 Book Now

Vision Coaching, Spiritual Expansion & Intuitive Wealth Mindset Coaching

Whether you are you looking for guidance on your spiritual journey, support for managing your empathic abilities, or tools to manifest abundance in your life, we will joyfully guide you towards your magnified, most peaceful self. Read More. Book a FREE Discovery Call Now.

Amy and Kristi from Divine Energy Collaborative