Amy and Kristi from Divine Energy Collaborative

We are original receivers of Light Connection, a unique energy treatment that magnifies the focus of your energy to accelerate its manifestation in your life. This signature treatment is offered in two levels: Light Connection Healing and Light Connection Immersion. Read more here.

We also offer a super-charged combination of Holy Fire 3 Reiki, crystal energy, aromatherapy, sound healing, emotional support, spiritual messaging, and cranio-sacral when appropriate.

Each visit will provide a customized treatment for precisely what you need. You don’t need to know what kind of healing you require, we will be divinely guided and all that is required is for you to be willing to release whatever no longer serves you.

Light Connection Immersion

2 Practitioners $220, approximately 45 min.
Light Connection is a transformational modality. It is delivered by two practitioners who open and clear your energy field, and then partner with Light Connection Energy to eliminate all limits to expansion and personal evolution. This process assists you in releasing what no longer serves you to make space for the life you envision. You will leave feeling the confidence to accomplish all the things you’ve been dreaming about.

Click here for a video on Light Connection Immersion

Light Connection Healing

1 practitioner $150, approximately 45 min.
This form of Light Connection is performed with one practitioner and their energy partner in spirit to create and maintain the vortex of Source energy for magnification of your intentions.

This will essentially burn away your subconscious resistance to change and can be a great stepping stone to a full Light Connection Immersion. The focus on Light Connection Healing is replacing fear with empowerment and allowing you to clearly see your path forward.

Click here for video description of Light Connection Healing

Energy Work / Reiki

1 Practitioner: 30 minutes: $65,  60 minutes: $95 
This is the perfect self-care treatment available in 30 or 60 minute sessions. Relax, decompress, and de-stress. Get to the bottom of emotional blocks or unfounded feelings. Emerge feeling refreshed, grounded, energized, and ready to face life with confidence and grace.

2 Practitioners: 30 minutes: $140,  60 minutes: $200
Two practitioners magnify each other’s energy as well as your healing. More than double the effects, you’ll find even more clarity, calm, and ease. Ideal for busy people ready for rapid results.

Akashic Record Reading
Approx. 45 mins $100

Take an interactive trip into your own past lives to discover and resolve patterns of behavior, interpersonal conflicts, fears and phobias. Kristi delivers the words of the Lords of the Akashic Records to answer your questions. Need ideas for the best types of questions? Akashic Records questions.


Whether you are you looking for a deeper spiritual connection, emotional support or tools to manifest abundance in your life, we will joyfully guide you towards your happiest self.

Understanding the gap between where you are in your journey and where you would like to be is a key to our coaching discussions. Our focus is on incorporating your mind, body, and spirit to assist you in moving with confidence to close that gap.

Empath Support:  As highly sensitive women, we know the challenges that being an empath can pose:

  • Easily overwhelmed by other people’s emotions
  • Carrying emotion with no tie to why you’re feeling it
  • Often being referred to as “too sensitive”

We offer specific coaching for empaths because we believe that being an empath is a super power! See us to become better at managing emotions and learn to embrace your empathic abilities with comfort and stability.

Emotional Healing

Emotional Integration System: This unique system of energetic images will allow you to identify what is at the heart of your emotional trouble, notice how it has been impacting your life, and assist you to shift the energy around it so that you may move into emotional wellness. Stress, anxiety, fear, insomnia and self-doubt are just some of the issues we regularly assist people with.