Divine Feminine Empowerment Program

Would you like to:

  • Tap more deeply into this limitless potential of creation,
  • Find a clearer connection with yourself,
  • Hear your inner child more easily, and
  • Feel the calmness that comes with a more solid grounding in Mother Gaia.

Response to the Divine Feminine Empowerment:

“The Divine Feminine Empowerment Program reminded me to connect with my inner child and to allow her space to express her feelings/emotions around play. I consider myself a guru of self-care but often do not give myself space for play. The experience left me with increased connection to my inner child, an overall flow of energy throughout my body, and feeling more grounded.” 

Kim Hollister, LMHC

My Divine Feminine Empowerment Session with Kristi was such a grounding experience. 

I LOVED that the essence of the session allowed me to use art and intuition to reveal exactly what needed to be danced with at that moment.

Kristi’s gentle, guiding questions prompted me to deepen into clarity with my needs and desires, and I left feeling seen and supported.

I highly recommend Kristi as a guide, and her sessions as potent containers to connect with yourself in an empowering way.

Chrissy Tucciarone, Life Coach

The time to fully embody the co-creator role of the divine feminine is here. Lean more fully into the space for expansion, self-expression, and internal wisdom.

You are innately empowered, but is your switch all the way on, or are you limiting your capacity??

The feminine energy is all about creation and relationships. It thrives while making connections in the world that lift everyone up and birthing not only new life but also ideas, businesses, relationships, and art in all it’s forms.

Divine Feminine Energy is about bringing people together with common goals and being a bridge over misunderstandings. Are you living your purpose to the fullest extent possible, listening to your inner wisdom, and showing up for yourself and others as your most fully realized self?

How it Works

Your subconscious communicates in images. This program utilizes channeled imagery that combines the flow of watercolor and the clarity of charcoal line drawings to give you a back-door into your subconscious mind.

In this way you will be able to understand how old experiences are influencing your present life. Once you have this information, you will be able to change the narrative to align with your hopes and dreams.

Kristi created this program and will act as facilitator for the entire process. Each session includes guided meditations, journaling, insightful questions, and gentle guidance to assist you in finding your own answers.

There are several ways to experience the Divine Feminine Empowerment, one is sure to be right for you!

Are you Ready to Dive into Your Divine Femininity?

If this sounds like exactly what you need, you can reach Kristi via text @(508) 208-5419, email Info@DivineEnergyCollaborative.com . Or click the button to schedule a free call to discuss where you are on your journey.

Ways to experience the Divine Feminine Empowerment Program

One-to-One Coaching : Divine Feminine Empowerment One-to-One Guided Journey

This program is 15 zoom sessions over 4 months with program creator Kristi Johnston. Times and dates will be scheduled according to mutual availability. Click here for more information.

Group Coaching: Divine Feminine Empowerment Journey

This program is 15 zoom sessions over approx. 4 months with program creator Kristi Johnston. Group size will be 4 to 6 participants and will form when there are the right participants. If you are interested, please connect via text-(508) 208-5419, email info@divineenergycollaborative.com or schedule a call

Small Group: In-Person Workshop

Gather up to 20 of your sister friends for this intimate and powerful journey into self discovery. Kristi will facilitate the process through guided meditation, journaling, and personalized coaching. There is great power in a group of like-minded women in all seasons of life, and much to be learned from each other. Contact Kristi to plan a Divine Feminine Empowerment Workshop for your gathering!

Individual Sessions:

In these personalized zoom sessions you may address specific issues. Kristi will guide you through the process of using the imagery to access your inner wisdom and Divine Goddess Energy.

$275 for one 1:1 session/ $525 for two 1:1 sessions

Now accepting appointments to see if the Divine Feminine Empowerment Program is for you.