Divine Feminine Empowerment Program

Would you like to:

  • Tap more deeply into this limitless potential of creation,
  • Find a clearer connection with yourself,
  • Hear your inner child more easily, and
  • Feel the calmness that comes with a more solid grounding in Mother Gaia.

Response to the Divine Feminine Empowerment:

“The Divine Feminine Empowerment Program reminded me to connect with my inner child and to allow her space to express her feelings/emotions around play. I consider myself a guru of self-care but often do not give myself space for play. The experience left me with increased connection to my inner child, an overall flow of energy throughout my body, and feeling more grounded.” 

Kim Hollister, LMHC

The time to fully embody the co-creator role of the divine feminine is here. Lean more fully into the space for expansion, self-expression, and internal wisdom.

You are innately empowered, but is your switch all the way on, or are you limiting your capacity??

The feminine energy is all about creation and relationships. It thrives while making connections in the world that lift everyone up and birthing not only new life but also ideas, businesses, relationships, and art in all it’s forms.

Divine Feminine Energy is about bringing people together with common goals and being a bridge over misunderstandings. Are you living your purpose to the fullest extent possible, listening to your inner wisdom, and showing up for yourself and others as your most fully realized self?

Support for Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Seasons of Your Life

The Divine Feminine Empowerment Program is also perfectly suited to support you during some of the most two intense and important phases of your life: pre-natal and post-partum. Similar to the Emotional Integration System, it utilizes channeled imagery to open a connection between the conscious and subconscious mind. This access allows you to discover old, emotionally driven stories that are creating stress, anxiety, or conflict in the present. Once these old stories are uncovered, you have the power to re-write them to recapture your power and move into the next season of your life with grace and confidence- despite the unknown nature of it!

This program is tailored specifically to the unique challenges of:

  • Getting ready to be ready: pre-conception
  • Emotionally and mentally preparing to give birth,
  • Integrating the emotions of giving birth, and
  • Adapting to the new family dynamic that comes with adding a new baby.

Whether it’s your first or your fifth, there are emotions stored in your body that deserve to be unburied and embraced so you may meet these challenges in the most powerful way possible.

You have within you the power to meet all of these challenges with grace, strength, and even peace. Your strong, wonderful, and incredible body has the ability to create an entire human– that is something to celebrate and acknowledge no matter where you are on the journey!! You deserve to be supported in embracing all that means to you, and this is the place to do that.

The joining of two disparate things (like sperm and egg) oftentimes results in far more than the sum of it’s parts. Similarly (but in a far less spectacular way) this program synthesizes two very different creative expressions- charcoal line drawing and watercolor painting. The combination speaks directly to that divine mother energy inside you.

Pre-Conception Benefits

  • Uncover and release any old beliefs or stories that might be in the way of conceiving
  • Connect with your Divine Feminine Energy
  • Lean into the power of Gaia (mother earth) energy
  • Align with the knowledge and power from your maternal ancestral line
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of yourself

Pre-natal Benefits:

  • Increased trust that your connection with your body won’t fail you
  • Confidence in your ability to ask for what you need
  • Empowerment in knowing that your body is capable of handling the birth no matter what it looks like
  • Decreased anxiety regarding the unknown
  • Increased self-love and acceptance

Post-partum Benefits:

  • Increased connection with your body and it’s new needs
  • Compassion and understanding for your body as a powerful creator of life
  • Space to fully and safely experience all the emotions surrounding the birth
  • Integration and acceptance of emotions previously ignored
  • Increased love and grace for your body

Ways to experience the Divine Feminine Empowerment Program

One-to-One Coaching : Divine Feminine Empowerment One-to-One Guided Journey

This program is 15 zoom sessions over 4 months with either Kristi Johnston or Amy Antonellis

Group Coaching: Divine Feminine Empowerment Journey

This program is 15 zoom sessions over approx. 4 months with both Kristi Johnston and Amy Antonellis and is limited to 6 participants.

Individual Sessions:

You may also schedule individual sessions to address specific issues

$275 for one 1:1 session/ $525 for two 1:1 sessions

Now accepting appointments to see if the Divine Feminine Empowerment Program is for you.