Emotional Integration System

Find more peace, emotional balance, and self-love with the Emotional Integration System (EIS).

What participants are saying about EIS:

“I would recommend anyone who is needing some clarity on their goals moving forward – whatever those goals may be – to work with you. I haven’t stopped talking about what a positive experience I had! ” Betsy

“The winning combination of measurement, intuitive validation, emotionally evoking art, and with Kristi’s true gift of listening without judgment, creates a powerful tool for anyone who is looking to stop the emotional cycle.”    Carey T.

Working with Kristi using The Emotional Integration Program was an amazing experience! It was not only beneficial in helping me to release old emotions that have been stored for a long time, but also to recognize ways to accept my emotions in the present moment and work through any difficult situations that I was presented with. I feel more empowered, more confident, overall happier and at peace. I would highly recommend investing in the Emotional Integration Program, it was extremely worth it to see how far I have come in such a short time!” Jessica D.

 “I am grateful for the freedom I have experienced through the Emotional Integration System and I recommend this system to anyone who wants to experience increased ease, flow states, and enjoyment of life. ”  L. Larson

Typical results from sessions with the EIS:

  • Release old, ineffective emotions
  • Gain ease in maintaining emotional balance
  • Increase emotional awareness
  • Achieve a greater sense of peace
  • Experience deeper self- love and acceptance

This unique system of imagery coupled with intuitive healing will connect you to your subconscious to reveal what is at the root of repeating behaviors or triggers, and assist you to release them and their effects on your current life. As a result, you will find clarity on how to move forward in freedom towards your goals.

The 30 unique images utilized in the System were channeled by Kristi Johnston in March 2019. They have since been used to provide emotional understanding and integration for clients eager to achieve quick results in the arena of self-discovery.

This System provides a virtual back door into your subconscious, bypassing the barriers ego erects. Participants create amazing results both in person and virtually.

Each session is completely customized to achieve the goals you establish with a few key questions at the beginning of our time together. You are in control of the pace and depths we move through at all times.

System Investment: $750 includes:

  • 3 Emotional Integration System (EIS) Direct Healing Sessions : each 45-60 min. via Zoom over 6 weeks;
  • 4 Integrative Debriefs of 30-45 min., via phone/zoom;
  • Customized homework and tools specific to your goals and what is revealed during your sessions; and
  • Assessment tools to quantify your success during and after your 6 weeks.

A free discovery call is required before you may book your first session. Following this call, if you are a good fit for this System, you will be emailed a full schedule so you may book your appointments at your convenience.

Payment plans are available.