• Uncover buried emotions
  • Connect old emotions with current behavior patterns
  • Move through the old emotion in safety and support
  • Release the restrictions connected to the old emotion
  • Fully let go of whatever doesn’t serve you
  • Integrate the past emotions into your current self
  • Experience love and acceptance of yourself on a deeper level

This unique system of energetic cards will comfortably uncover your hidden emotions, reveal what is at the root of repeating behaviors or triggers, and release them and their effects on your current life.

These images were channeled by Kristi Johnston in March 2019 and have been providing emotional support and integration for many people. They are so powerful, they work by you holding them and not even looking at them.

Sessions 1 hour: $150 *Note: 2-4 sessions with time in between are typically required to move through all of levels of stuck or buried emotions.