Akashic Records Questions

The Lords of the Akashic Records want you to get the most out of your time in your Records. They will answer your questions for your best and highest good, which means sometimes they will divert you from your original question. The more specific you can be, the richer your answers will be.

Keep in mind that your focus should be on you and your past and finding out ways to benefit from past experiences. 

They will not answer questions about someone else’s past or present except as it overlaps and impacts yours.

The best questions ask what, why or how and are specific.

Some good examples:

  • What am I not noticing regarding __________?
  • How can I change my perspective about _______ ?
  • What am I avoiding regarding __________?
  • Why am I having difficulty letting go of _________ feeling about ________?
  • What does this pain/illness that isn’t responding to treatment have to show me?
  • What perception or belief is limiting my forward motion regarding _____?
  • What past life experience has bearing on _____events or _____relationship in this life?
  • What past life circumstances or experiences are currently having an impact on my life in regards to ______?
  • Share a lifetime with me where I was_______ so I may incorporate that into my present life. (i.e. confident, gifted speaker, powerful leader, etc.)
  • I’m looking to heal _____. If a past life can show that, guide me through that healing.

I always advise that you pick your top 3 questions, write one on each page of a full-size piece of paper and have extra pages for questions that the answers you receive might generate.

Be prepared to take notes and/or record your session so you may revisit it at a later date. Many things become clearer over time and what seems unrelated to your current circumstances may make perfect sense in a week or two.