26 Ways to Keep Your Peace as an Empath

I know the title is “…Ways to Stay Safe…”, but right from the start, we’d like to reframe that and say that you are ALWAYS safe. Being peaceful, comfortable, and content is really what we’re talking about here.

As an empath, the biggest challenge may be staying emotionally peaceful while still being an active participant in the world. Closing yourself off from everyone and everything that might make you feel is just not a very functional or fun option! Instead you need to find ways to comfortably be with your family & friends, go to work and navigate public spaces like grocery stores, restaurants and theaters.

You are only able to do this gracefully on a daily basis when you take time to stay grounded, re-fuel yourself with good self-care, and fully accept yourself (warts and all). Here are 26 tips on how to cope with the sense of “overwhelm” and take care of yourself so that you can be the best empathic you that you can be!

  1. Take a bath or shower. Place clearing or grounding crystals in with you for an extra boost of emotional cleansing.
  2. Take deep breaths. Visualize pulling power up from the earth as a bonus.
  3. Practice Yoga
  4. Carry a grounding crystal on you, it may be especially helpful to touch it or move it in your fingers to help you shift your energy.
  5. Burn sage or other incense.
  6. Acknowledge that the emotion is coming from outside of you.
  7. Pray- to Whomever you choose for support for you as well as for those who are suffering.
  8. Send positive, healing energy to whomever needs it.
  9. Use your sense of humor- laughter can elevate any energy!
  10. Remind yourself that you are not the cause, you cannot control it and you cannot cure it.
  11. Remove yourself from those sending out strong and uncomfortable emotions.
  12. Avoid being in close proximity to those you sense will overwhelm you with their feelings.
  13. Write down the feelings that don’t belong to you and shred them, releasing them from your energy at the same time. You could also tear the paper or burn it.
  14. Using a blow dryer or hand dryer, imagine it blowing the extra emotions away from you.
  15. Get outside. Make contact skin to ground or a tree. Release any emotions that aren’t yours to Mother Earth to be transformed.
  16. Recite or sing a mantra to change your energy and release what’s not yours.
  17.  Exercise. This is very grounding as well as mind-clearing.
  18. Meditate.
  19. Get regular massage, Reiki or other energy work to keep you balanced and clear.
  20. Make sure to include regular time alone and quiet in your schedule.
  21. Make time to be creative.
  22. Feed yourself well.
  23. Get enough sleep.
  24. Go to the water- large bodies of water are very rejuvenating.
  25. Begin your day by placing your feet on the ground very purposefully with the image of sending your roots deep into the ground. This is a very quick and easy way to start off well-grounded.
  26. Reach out for support wherever you can find it.

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With Love and Light,

Kristi and Amy