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Suprise Healing Assistance From Beyond

Surprise Healing Assistance from Beyond


400wflame purple connected starsToday I had an amazing experience while doing Light Connection on Andrea. It began as a simple realignment of her back, which bothers her periodically. It ended up with me being one half of the Light Connection team and our dear friend and healer Cheryl being the other essential half. The most amazing part about this is that Cheryl passed away in January of this year and I never got to partner with her in a healing before she left the earth plane. I don’t usually feel a client’s physical pain or subsequent release, but today I not only felt Andrea’s physical sensations in my own body, I also felt her emotions quite intensely- and their release as well! What a gift to be able to work with Cheryl as a fellow healer. The last time I saw her Andrea and I were actually doing healing work on her! I am feeling very blessed and honored, and astounded at the magnitude of the power of Light Connection. #LightConnectionHeals
I wish you Light,

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