10 Ways to Up Your Self Care Game

I’ve been thinking about self-care quite a bit these days. I’ve been noticing the different ways people interpret that, how it can look, and what happens when it’s missing.

Some people think self-care means personal indulgences like an entire spa day, extravagant meal, or a pricey vacation. While those things are lovely, I ultimately consider them “special treats” or “rewards”.  Of course, everyone is worthy of a special experience, but rewards are very different than self-care.  Understanding this distinction will allow you to flourish and will prevent you from running yourself ragged. 

Each of us deserves to be nurtured, loved, and tended to with compassion and grace.  You must nurture yourself like a devoted parent takes care of a precious child; love is always present no matter how that child behaves.

Some believe that they are only deserving of self-care when they meet their own self-imposed expectations or expectations imposed upon them by family, friends or even society. If they’ve fallen short, they withhold self-care believing they don’t deserve it. This could not be further from the truth.  

We owe ourselves unconditional, consistent, loving care on a daily basis. No matter what. Below are some ideas to up your self-care game:

  1. Get enough sleep! Plan, prepare, and execute to get yourself to bed at a reasonable hour.  Your body will thank you!
  2. Move your body in pleasing ways.
  3. Drink enough water (yes, I said it!).
  4. Eat sufficient yummy, nutrient-dense foods.
  5. Get a regular massage.
  6. Schedule yourself quiet time. This can include time to think, read, journal, create, and even breathe.
  7. Connect with your favorite people.
  8. Cut out the negativity. Be mindful about what you watch/listen to/read regarding current events.
  9. Lotion your entire body after your shower.
  10. Switch from a shower to a bath. Use this as a chance to cleanse your body, mind, and soul.

The list could go on and on. Give yourself the benefit of your own innate wisdom and ask yourself how you long to be cared for, then implement those things with intention and consistency.

What happens if you aren’t taking care of yourself? Well, if you’ve read this far, I bet you can answer that very easily. Perhaps you feel out of sorts, cranky, moody, depleted, adrift, alone, resentful, maybe even abandoned. You might have headaches, stiffness, body pain. Maybe your digestion is off and you are struggling to find foods that appeal to you. It’s likely that your focus and productivity are suffering, you might be frequently overwhelmed and/or anxious, even easily angered.

If any of those are true for you, don’t wait! Ask yourself what you need to feel cherished and provide that for yourself. There’s no time like the present and no one more deserving than you!

If you would like support in taking loving care of yourself and to regain your sense of peace and pleasure with life, schedule a discovery call here: https://bit.ly/3js1kfs