photo of fish underwater at boca de tomatlan, Mexico

Fish and Whales and Rocks, Oh My!

Fish and Whales and Rocks, Oh my!


One of the coolest excursions during a trip to Casa de Los Artistas is a boat trip out into the Bay of Banderas. It is over 3000 feet deep with about 62 miles of coastline and is a nursery for Humpback whales from November through March. The moms and babies are easy to spot on boat trips around the bay, and while riding out to the National Marine Park called Los Arcos, we saw a frolicking mom and baby pair!

Humpback whales, mom and baby.
Humpback whales, mom and baby.

This area boasts billions of colorful fish, coral reefs and birds as well as interesting volcanic formations. I was so excited to snorkel here and see everything! I wasn’t prepared for all of the new sensations of being in deep (very deep) water, wearing a mask, hearing fish (didn’t know they made sounds) and being touched by them! It was initially a bit anxiety provoking, but after ditching the life jacket I got some great photos and really enjoyed the time amidst this school of fish.

photo of vibrant fish underwater
Fish from my snorkeling adventure.

I have been practicing with my mask and snorkel this summer so I’ll be ready for an extended time exploring in March! Only 195 more days until our Mexico Retreat for Connection, Creativity and Healing. If you want to join me and swim with the fish- visit: for more information and to book your trip! We are able to bring 20 people with us on this exciting journey of self-discovery.

I’ll be posting more fun experiences soon!

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