Rays of Light Connection

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Rays of Light Connection is a coming home to self. It will open your heart to Divine light & healing so that you may achieve deeper self-love as well as love […]


Akashic Records Reading Class

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In this 4 week class you will: Learn how to recognize the vibration of the Lords of the Akashic Records, Receive your unique means of accessing the Records, Become comfortable […]


Just SAE Yes Group Coaching

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Support to magnify yourSpirituality, Abundance, and Expansion We invite you to imagine how much easier and quicker you could accomplish your dreams with regular guidance, support, and accountability. Do you crave connection […]


Online Holy Fire III Reiki Class

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The focus in this class is on understanding the principles of Reiki, learning and mastering the symbols, working with the energy, and getting comfortable using it on yourself and others. […]