Acceptance. Metaphysical Playground. Session 2: The Stairs. Class 3

Metaphysical Playground
Session 2: The Stairs

Taught by Amy Antonellis

In this class you will discover every facet of your beingness and how they are blended together to create the bold and extraordinary you! Everyone has many facets of their life. Sometimes it is unclear how all these varied pieces fit together. This class encourages exploration of your various gifts and talents. It will also provide you the opportunity to examine your past and find the hidden treasures that have supported you to date.

*Friday May 19th
*Center for Holistic Healing & Art
*7-9 pm

Focus: There are many parts of you, and some parts may be less comfortable to you than others. This class will help you to put them all together and accept them to create a stronger, more complete you.

* Guided Meditation to access and acknowledge different facets of who you are.
*Journaling about your experience.
*Facilitated Discussion with appropriate support to integrate and process your new perspective.


**by RSVPing you’re giving permission to allow photographs and video to be taken**