Just SAE Yes! Group Coaching with Amy Antonellis and Kristi Johnston

Support to magnify your Spirituality, Abundance, and Expansion

We invite you to imagine how much easier and quicker you could accomplish your dreams with regular guidance, support, and accountability.

  • Do you crave connection and sisterhood from a group of positive thinkers who are motivated to realize their life passions?
  • Are you clear on wanting more out of life but uncertain exactly what that looks like?
  • Are you seeking practical ways to merge your personal, professional, and spiritual life?

We are offering an opportunity to work with us and a small group of positive, driven, spiritually connected, passionate women for 3 months. We will create safe space where we will build community, raise each other up, and hold each other accountable.

We will fan your inner flame, give you manageable action steps, and keep you moving forward towards your most fulfilling life.

What Is Included:

  • Zoom calls every other week on Friday mornings from 9-10 am ET with Amy and Kristi as facilitators, guides, and mentors. Will begin in Sept. 2021
  • Weekly journal prompts delivered on Tuesdays to your inbox
  • Recorded Channeled Message for the group will be sent out prior to each call to ground and inform the group call.
  • Private FB group to keep the motivation and connection going.
  • Guidance for each participant to focus on in between calls.
  • Access to the recorded zoom calls and channeled messages for download.

Investment for all of this is only $600