You probably already doodle.  This class will teach you a way to use doodling to get yourself into a calm but alert mental state- like a moving meditation.

Whether you consider yourself artistic or “artistically undiscovered”, anyone can get the benefits of being creative: relaxation, lower blood pressure, stress relief and in general a break from the demands of everyday life! You don’t need any talent or prior art experience and you don’t need to be able to draw. I will show you a few easy doodles and ways to combine them while you focus on a desired emotional state for yourself or for others- i.e. calm, love, peace etc.

You don’t have to bring a thing, (although I’d love it if you invited a friend or 2!) Fee includes materials for the class. Extra materials to purchase will be available if you’d like to continue the practice at home.

*$20/person  Cash or check at the door preferred.
*Small additional fee for credit or debit transactions.