Kristi Johnston: Vision and Empath Coaching

As a strong emotional empath and intuitive, Kristi is able to cut through the noise to get right to your vision for your life and what’s keeping you from attaining it.

She will support you in balancing your spiritual and physical aspects, as well as offer you tools so you remain clear of unwanted emotional attachments.

Understanding the gap between where you are in your journey and where you would like to be is the key to making big changes. Our coaching sessions will focus on incorporating your mind, body, and spirit to assist you in moving with confidence to close that gap.

Kristi is an expert at breaking down big goals into manageable action steps and holding you accountable for completing them so you feel accomplished and can see important forward progress.

If you’re struggling to keep your sense of peace because of sensitivity to other peoples emotions, I’ll show you how to better manage this and learn to embrace your empathic abilities with comfort and stability.