• Kelly Porter
    Three amazing and talented women working together to send special messages and healing.
    Dena Francescon
    I am still smiling! Love when we take a leap of faith and the universe rewards us with a beautiful evening of supportive strong women! I hope to do it again soon! Best!
    Beth Ruse to Center for Holistic Healing & Art, Inc
    September 18 ·
    I want to say a whole-hearted thank you to the wonderful Andrea and the remarkable reiki session I had from her today. What a beautiful treatment to help my body heal- and one that works in perfect conjunction with my current traditional health modalities.

    I cannot express the care, attention, empathy, knowledge and professionalism Andrea brings to this work which is all about helping one’s body to heal. The best way to start my Friday!

    Andrea- I so appreciate you and all that you are up to in this world. And to the Center for Holistic Healing & Art, Inc, thank you for having such remarkable services right here in my back yard.

    Amy Mach to Center for Holistic Healing & Art, Inc
    July 18 ·
    Great group of people and grateful for finding another spiritual venue.
    Theresa Raimondi
    5starVery welcoming,nurturing and healing environment. Like minded souls who share thier experiences cause it is through togetherness we grow and light out journey.  Oct. 20, 15 “What an informative and awesome class with Andrea Grevelis Kukulka this afternoon! I would recommend it to anyone who is led to unearthing the “voice within”. Thank you for having me!”
    -Kathy S.   
    Kris Zee
    5starAmazing energy in a beautiful space! I felt the love!
    Janine Cavanaugh reviewed Center for Holistic Healing & Art, Inc5 star
    June 11 ·Andrea offers a group guided meditation that I find welcoming, peaceful, and inspiring. Both during and after each session I fell energized, refreshed, and full of hope. Thanks Andrea for helping me release, relax, and evolve.
    Melanie Borsari Sprague reviewed Center for Holistic Healing & Art, Inc5 star
    August 22 ·
    This is such a wonderful community. Healing, Art and metaphysical awesomeness!!!

    Jamie Breden This is the place to be if you walk a spiritual path. If want to grow and learn beyond your wildest dreams. You need to be here!
    August 22 at 5:36pm

    Barbara K
    Thank you Andrea…I think you were fantastic. Pretty amazing!
    Nov ’14