Emotional Integration System Beta Program

The Emotional Integration System (EIS) utilizes three series of abstract images and the corresponding key cards to bring unacknowledged emotions into your awareness where they may be accepted, processed, and integrated into your psyche. 

This process promotes and supports overall psychological well-being, emotional resilience, and internal peace. 

I will be collecting data from participants with the goal of offering this tool to mental health practitioners.

After three sessions of the Emotional Integration System a client can expect:

  • increased ability to release old emotions, 
  • increased self-love/acceptance,
  • improved emotional regulation,
  • increased emotional self-awareness,
  • improved personal and professional relationships, and
  • increased sense of peace and contentment with life.

I have used this System with clients since March 2019, and I have seen what a powerful tool it is to discover and explore your unacknowledged emotions that may be impacting your life, move through them to whatever degree you are comfortable with, and come to a place of peace and acceptance.   

This process is ideal for you if you are willing to get to the heart of a pain point and are ready, willing, and able to move forward in freedom and confidence.  

Being part of this program will pave the way for this powerful tool to be made available to all holistic mental health practitioners. In this way people all over the world will have access to this new way of connecting to, understanding, and integrating emotions which impact the quality of life.

In addition to receiving personal benefits from this system, your willingness to have your data added to the aggregate furthers this goal and brings it closer to reality.

Participation in this program requires a commitment of three (3) 45 minute zoom sessions over 6 weeks and completion of all surveys.

Each Emotional Integration System session is typically a $150 investment, however if you are one of the first 12 participants, you may offer a donation based on the value you feel you receive, and what you are able to pay.  Once the first 12 spots are filled, the next 12 participants will have a minimum $75/session donation. 

Are you ready for more peace, love, and emotional intelligence?