Crystal Grid Session

Crystal Grid Healing

Crystal Bed sessions are a wonderful way to re-charge, re-energize and get re-aligned with the power of crystals. Andrea Kukulka has been using crystals in her healing work for over 25 years. Now you can experience this specialized healing from crystals on a whole new level.

What Crystal Grid Healing can do for you:
*Cleansing & Clearing
*Expansion of chakra energy
*Peace of mind
*Connection to Spirit
*Increased and deeper sleep
*And more

In these sessions Andrea will feel into your energetic field to find what needs adjusting. With her year of experience and knowledge of the crystals, she’ll choose what stones you’ll need to make these adjustments. She’ll follow that with a moment of Reiki Energy placement. Then she’ll leave you to absorb the energy and to comfortably adjust into this.
She’ll return your body to perfect balance

Sessions are 1 hour long.
Each session is $65.