Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Today I met with a neighbor who finds herself going through changes. She spent 30 years in the very high pressured business world in Boston and has suddenly found herself with loads of time and not very much to fill it with. You know how she’d like to fill her time?? You guessed it, She’d love to submerge herself in the healing and Spiritual world. That’s one mighty big change. So, how does someone do that? And by that, I mean do a complete 180.

Let me preface by telling you that she’s a Reiki Master and she meets with a particular group of other healers at least 3 times a month. She’s been doing this for a couple years. You might say she’s been dipping her toe in the waters for a while. We discussed finding places, shops, centers to spend her time in and meet other like-minded people. We’re in the outer suburbs of Boston, there isn’t too much out here outside of our space which is open by appointment only. She needs more than that. I could only come up with a couple other places without going closer in to the city. 

What next? I’ve been thinking about this since we left each other and this is what I know to be true…
We attract what we put out! It’s the Law of Attraction at it’s finest. If what we’re looking for is something that is different from what we’ve been doing, than we must change what we’re doing. We must change the energy that we put out into the world. Likes Attract! If you’re looking for a new tribe, change your vibe! 

By now you’ve all seen all the memes and received all the inspirational emails but have you really paid attention? Have you actually dropped off the people and the energy that bring your energies down? I can’t stress this enough. Here’s the clincher; If your answer is Yes but your vibration hasn’t risen, than it’s not them, it’s you. You must do the work yourself. It’s not easy but if you don’t do the work, you don’t grow. It’s pretty basic really. It’s like not doing your homework but expecting your teacher to still give you an A+. It’s just not going to happen. Your teacher here is actually your higher-self! Your higher-self needs for you to grow and wants you to get your homework done. This means, meditating and getting fresh air and laughing and moving your body and being with people who vibrate higher than you do and, if you’re a Reiki practitioner (or any other healing practitioner), doing your self Reiki daily. Self care is so important when we go through changes. 

Change is constant. Be the change you want to see in others. 


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